A mulher que não era BB
Bedtime Story
Today is the last day that I'm using words
They've gone out, lost their meaning
Don't function anymore

Traveling, leaving logic and reason
Traveling, to the arms of unconsciousness
Let's get unconscious honey
Let's get unconscious

Words are useless, especically sentences
They don't stand for anything
How could they explain how I feel

Traveling, traveling, I'm traveling
Traveling, traveling, leaving logic and reason
Traveling, traveling, I'm gonna relax
Traveling, traveling, in the arms of unconsciousness

And inside we're all still wet
Longing and yearning
How can I explain how I feel?

And all that you've ever learned
Try to forget
I'll never explain again.

- Hooper, Bjork, and Marius DeVries
somos assim por dentro
primeiro vem o verde, cor da bilis, sumo de raiva destilada
só depois aparece o vermelho.
Flash de Memória
"First it´s RED, than it´s BLUE.
And everytime I see an ICEBERG,
it reminds me of YOU"

*da música Smoke Rings - Laurie Anderson

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